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IT-BOX is designed for organisations that want:

  • To move their computer rooms without dismantling them.
  • To relocate a datacenter while work is carried out (asbestos removal, renovations, etc.).
  • Set up a Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plan.
  • Overcome restrictions linked to building size and surface area.
  • Reduce project length and cost.




Our datacenters housed in IT-BOX containers are the solution to a range of challenges:

  • Adapting computing power to meet new needs.
  • Saving space within your premises.
  • Simplifying computer room management.
  • Increasing operational safety and security.

Customer Case Studies

Customer Case Studies


Cas client : Nantes atlantique

Nantes Airport - Vinci Airports

The Project

To set up a second computer room.

In September 2011, as part of a disaster recovery plan, Nantes Atlantique Airport, operated by Vinci Airports, issued a call for tenders for a second computer room.


We wanted the project to be managed by a single project manager who was a specialist in building computer rooms. Module-IT also demonstrates solid experience in container-based computer rooms, and the speedy implementation of their solution soon won us over.

Jean Pervenche, IT Manager at Vinci Airports.


In less than 3 months, the IT-Box Shelter was delivered and installed (delivered in April, the module was operational on 11 May). It included an IT-BOX with four racks, which have been extended to five since then.

Thanks to this type of structure, the airport will be able to acquire an additional module to meet its requirements in coming years.

Equipped with this new secure computer room, Nantes Atlantique Airport was able to renovate its original facility with the the reurbanisation of the room and the cooling facility.




  • IT-BOX adapts to your surroundings to prevent risks of corrosion or fire.
  • IT-BOX is designed so that you can add additional racks or cooling systems, and comes with simulation tools to plan for your needs.


Technical specifications

  • Dimensions
    Length 4-6m - Width 3m
  • Capacity
    Maximum number of racks: 6
    Internal surface area: 12-18m2
  • Energy
    Electricity: 8-20kVA
    Redundancy: N to 2N
  • Cooling capacity
    Redundancy: N+1
    Direct expansion: 10-20kW
    Cold water: 20-40kW
IT-Box small
  • Dimensions
    Length 6-9m - Width 3m
  • Capacity
    Maximum number of racks: 9
    Internal surface area: 18-27m2
  • Energy
    Electricity: 16-96kVA
    Redundancy: N+1 to 2N
  • Cooling capacity
    Redundancy: N+1
    Direct expansion: 20-50kW
    Cold water: 40-100kW
IT-Box medium
  • Dimensions
    Length 9-13.5m - Width 3.5m
  • Capacity
    Maximum number of racks: 16
    Internal surface area: 31.5-47m2
  • Energy
    Electricity: 32-180kVA
    Redundancy: N+1 to 2N
  • Cooling capacity
    Redundancy: N+1 or 2N
    Direct expansion: 90-120kW
    Cold water: 100-180kW
IT-Box large
  • Dimensions
    Length 6m, 9m, or 12m- Width 3-15m
  • Capacity
    Number of racks: 12 to 80
    Internal surface area: 30-200m2
  • Energy
    Electricity: 32-350kVA
    Redundancy: N+1 to 2N+1
  • Cooling capacity
    Redundancy: N+1 to 2N
    Direct expansion: 50-350kW
    Cold water: 100-350kW
IT-Box multiple




What Module-IT offers:

  • Datacenter construction
  • Computer room renovation
  • Design and install container computer rooms


Our expertise is based on:

  • Our experience in the field, with an average of one datacenter going online every month.
  • Our choice of partners. We select our suppliers and manufacturers based on their expertise in technologies designed specifically for datacenters.


Visit our website www.module-it.com




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