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Renaud De Saint Albin



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Website content includes the general structure, texts, animated and static images, as well as audio and video, and is all covered by copyright.
As per Article L.1224 of the French Intellectual Property Code, they cannot be used without prior consent.


Using website content:

The content found on may only be used for personal, charitable, or professional purposes. Any commercial or advertising use is forbidden.

In general, links directing to website content are better than reproduction of said content, which must remain as limited as possible.

The reproduction must obey the following principles: free publication, clear reference to as the source, and mention that the copyright is reserved and strictly limited.


Creating links:

The website authorises the use of links to its pages, under the following conditions:

  • do not use deep links, i.e. pages must not be nestled inside pages on another website, but rather viewable in another window or tab.
  • that the source directing to the content via a hyperlink is specified.

Information may only be used for personal, educational, charitable, or professional purposes. Any use for commercial or advertising purposes is forbidden.
This authorisation does not in any way apply to websites that publish racist, pornographic, xenophobic, or polemical content, or that which most people may find offensive.


Link to other sites:

Links to other websites, private or official, French or foreign, are suggested.
Module-IT is not in any way responsible for their content, and they are only intended to help find other resources about the subject.